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Tangshan and Qingshan

Tangshan Kimwan Special Carbon & Graphite Co., Ltd. and Inner-Mongolia Qingshan Special Graphite & Carbon Co., Ltd. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Tianjin Kimwan. They are carbon and graphite raw material production and processing locations.
The company has a complete raw material preparation system, from forming system, baking system, impregnating system, graphitizing process system to graphite product processing system. The products are classified in four kinds of processes: molding, extruding, isostatic pressing and vibrating. At present, Kimwan Carbon’s main products are anode materials for lithium-ion battery, high-performance friction materials fine-grain graphite, isostatic graphite,medium-grain graphite,graphite electrodes and processed carbon and graphite parts.
The high-quality special graphite materials produced by the company have the characteristics of low impurity content, high strength, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, strong oxidation resistance, low electrical resistivity, corrosion resistance and easy precision processing. Widely used in lithium-ion battery, metallurgy, machinery, nuclear industry, braking, aerospace and other fields, the products have strong technology and resource competitive advantages in the graphite and carbon industry. At present, 60% of the products are exported to overseas markets, covering more than 40 countries. The company enjoys a high reputation in the industry and is widely recognized by its customers.



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