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Medium-Grain Graphite Round

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Medium-Grain Structure GraphiteRounds

Medium-grain Graphite produced by our company is divided into three types: maximum particle sizes of 0.8mm, 2mm and 4mm. The performance index of the products has reached the international advanced level. With suitable resistivity and uniform structure, excellent chemical resistance, excellent oxidation resistance and high temperature stability, it can adapt to various harsh high temperature environments and maintain the required mechanical strength in this environment. It can be used in below industry:

1. Silicon carbide furnaces, graphitization furnaces and other metallurgical furnaces, electric resistance furnaces for furnace lining, insulation materials, conductive materials and impervious graphite heat exchangers.

2. Production of various molds, such as: hot pressing mold, static casting mold, centrifugal casting mold, die casting mold, melting cast refractory mold.

3. Metal electrolytic cathode, anode material.


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Phone: 15122372010

Tel: +86 (0)22-84759371

Email: info@kimwan.cn

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