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ISO-Molded Graphite Round

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ISO-Molded GraphiteRounds

1. Thermal stability: Specially designed to ensure the reliability of product quality for the use conditions of products.

2. Corrosion resistance: The uniform and fine base design delays the erosion of the product. 3. Impact resistance: The thermal shock strength of the product can be extremely high, so any process can be safely handled.

4. Acid resistance: The addition of special materials significantly improves the quality of the product, excels in acid resistance and greatly extends the life of the product.

5. High thermal conductivity: High levels of fixed carbon ensure good thermal conductivity, reduce dissolution time, and significantly reduce energy consumption.

6. Control of metal contamination: The strict control of the material composition ensures that the product does not contaminate the metal during dissolution.

7. Quality stability: The manufacturing technology and quality assurance system of the high pressure forming method ensure the stability of the quality more fully.Technical properties:

* After our purification treatments,the ash content will be 30-50ppm and 5ppm max.


Regular sizes: Φ300~920×420~1200mm,


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Phone: 15122372010

Tel: +86 (0)22-84759371

Email: info@kimwan.cn

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