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Graphite Dies For Continuous Casting

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Graphite Dies for Continuous Casting
Continuous casting of non-ferrous metals, precious metals, and iron is a widely used process. It offers non-stop production and ensures high material quality. Thanks to the high thermal conductivity, our isostatic graphite enables rapid, targeted solidification of metal alloys.
For vertical continuous casting and large molds, our medium-grain graphite can also be used as a material for pressure components. In addition, our artificial graphite powders are widely used as carbon raiser (recarburizer). 
For dies and crucibles, medium-grain graphite, fine-grain graphite and iso-molded graphite are used, depending on the size. Thermal shock resistance, consistently high purity, and high material density with low porosity guarantee excellent melting processes. We provide graphite machining services according to customer requirements



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Phone: 15122372010

Tel: +86 (0)22-84759371

Email: info@kimwan.cn

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