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Graphite Parts For Polycrystalline Ingot

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Graphite Parts for Polycrystalline Ingot
Ingot furnace thermal field is mainly composed of special graphite heater, electrode, crucible, DS block, support bar, intake pipe, etc.
The thermal field is the heart of a polysilicon ingot furnace with special graphite heater, thermal insulation, crucible and silicon, etc. The structural design of the heating chamber of the polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace is very important for the production process of polysilicon. Different types of special graphite are used according to functional specifications of various graphite parts and are processed with respect to drawings. The special graphite materials are of low thermal inertia, rapid heating, high temperature resistance, good thermal shock resistance, large radiation area, high heating efficiency, stable performance, etc., which remain the main materials of a modern thermal field.



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Phone: 15122372010

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