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Chairman Zang Wenping And His Party Went To Lvliang City For

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   On March 19-20, Zang Wenping, chairman of Kimwan Carbon, Che Deyu, deputy general manager, Hao Weimin, deputy general manager, Li Yanping, chief operating officer, and Shi Wei, chief human resources executive director, and their party went to Lvliang City for investigation and exchange.
    On March 19, chairman Zang Wenping and his party met with Lu Liang municipal Party Secretary sun Dajun, Mayor Zhang Guangyong, and municipal leaders Qiao Xiaofeng, Liu Jinping, and Xue Aiping.
    Chairman Zang Wenping introduced the R & D, production and sales of kimwan company, highly praised the vigorous transformation and development of Luliang, and was full of confidence in investing in Luliang. He said that close communication and accurate docking will be carried out to promote pragmatic results in bilateral cooperation.
    Sun Dajun welcomed chairman Zang Wenping and his party to Lvliang for investigation. He said that kimwan company is mainly engaged in the R & D and production of carbon based new materials, which is highly consistent with Luliang's resource endowment, industrial foundation and transformation direction. Both sides complement each other's advantages and have broad cooperation prospects. He hoped that kimwan company would make in-depth investigation and investment in Luliang. In order to fully implement the spirit of cooperation between lvjinkai district and the people's government, lvjinkai district should communicate with the relevant departments.
    Zhang Guangyong hoped that kimwan would take Luliang as an important base for R & D and application of carbon based new materials, strengthen planning and docking, and promote concrete and project-based cooperation. He said that the Luliang municipal government will actively create an excellent environment, give strong support to the company's settlement in Luliang, and promote common development and win-win cooperation between the two sides.



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