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    In March 5th, Professor Wang Yong, PhD supervisor and vice president of Tianjin University, visited Tianjin Kimwan. Zang Wenping, chairman of the Kimwan Group, Zangyang, assistant to general manager, Li Yanping, deputy general manager, Wang Zitao, deputy director of operations Wang Zitao and marketing director Zhang Ying Qian accompany the visitors.
    At the symposium, Professor Qin and Zang always talked about the progress of cooperation with Anhui Kimwan, and affirmed the process control level and the improvement of the laboratory in Anhui Kimwan factory. At the same time, the suggestions and schemes about batch stability are also given to improve the quality and performance of the products.
    At the video conference, zhengruirong, general manager of Anhui Kimwan, niuxiaodong, vice general manager, Lei Tiejun, manager of Technology Department, Zhengqian, deputy director of R & D center and yinzhenge, manager of quality control department, attended the meeting. At the meeting, President Wang said that the Institute of science should participate in enterprises and give full play to the research advantages.
    In recent years, Anhui Kimwan has focused on building a high-level scientific and technological team with independent innovation as the engine, integrating high-quality resources based on the platform of production, learning and research cooperation, and developing a series of innovative products, providing dynamic support for the enterprise to leap forward development. Our company's cooperation with Tianjin University will greatly help the cooperation progress between Anhui Kimwan and its customers, and make the enterprise have greater and stronger competitiveness.



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